Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Going out and coming home again, and repeat......and repeat?

Anyone keeping a watch out for us today would have wondered what the heck was going on. C had a early dentist appointment in one direction but also needed to move the irrigation equipment down the road in Friston at about the same time, and to buy some screws from the builders merchants in the other direction and I needed to go to the bank and they don't open until 9.30.
This resulted in him going out at 7.30, moving the irrigator back to the farm ( half the job) coming home and getting changed to go to the dentist (and I went too to go to Tesco), coming home and getting changed to finish the other part of the irrigator move, coming home for a coffee and  then going to Leiston for the box of screws  (and I went too and popped in the bank). What a good job we are only two and a half miles from everything!
I think I'm staying at home for the rest of the week.

In between times I also made a couple of loaves of bread and a quiche.

I gave in to temptation in Mr Ts shop and bought a small tray of French Marigolds and a small slow growing conifer. It's actually quite a treat to have somewhere locally to buy plants. Before the supermarkets  there was only a small local nursery - very expensive, or a few plants at the fruit and veg. shop in Leiston. With the arrival of Tesco selling plants out in their foyer, the fruit and veg shop have increased what they sell, another local farm shop have started selling plants and now Waitrose have  plants outside too. So with them and the car boot sales we at last have a bit of choice.
The French marigolds are for the poly-tunnels to encourage hover-flies which eat aphids and the conifer is intriguing as apart from being bright lime green it has a citrus fragrance. I think it will go in a pot by the back door.
Goldcrest Cupressus Wilma, a lime green conifer reaching 2m over 10 years with a citrus fragrance.
I know, I should have grown my own marigolds and am now marked for life as a hopeless failure at self-sufficiency! but I can't think of everything.
Even worse - I bought some small new potatoes. We've run out, with a gap of a few weeks until the ones in the polytunnel are ready. Although we have got our own asparagus for dinner. Mmmmm!

Thanks to everyone for comments yesterday.
Back tomorrow


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