Saturday, 12 April 2014

How we survived this week without a salary.

A regular monthly income, that's what most people have. Maybe every week or fortnight, 4 weekly or once a month, the majority of people have something that goes directly into a bank account. Even people on a pension or benefits - as long as nothing goes wrong with the system - have a regular income.
We lost our '24th of every month' income when C gave up working for the County Council in March 2012. Now our income arrives in bits.

This week has been a very good week
Sunday:  Eggs £18          C pay for grass cutting  and odd jobs £55
Monday: Eggs £14          Selling Sheep keeping books and equipment £30
Tuesday: Eggs £13          Interest on investment bond £80
Wednesday: Eggs £13    Rhubarb £3  Campsite £98
Thursday: Eggs £16        Herb £1    C pay for Rotovating a small paddock £20
Friday: Eggs £11              Herb £1     Selling hay £125. Campsite £36 + £20
Saturday: Eggs £12

A grand total of £566 ! Goodness me, if every week was like this we would be millionaires in no time!

There is a problem.............This weeks outgoings  =  60 New Point of lay hens £360. Chicken Feed £125. New Energizer for chickens electric fence £60. Shopping £20.  A total of  £565.
So that's OK - There's £1  to spare!

C went to the Bygones ( Rusty Junk) Auction but the pig troughs went for silly prices, so he brought our money home again. He has a special message to Cro - a fellow old tractor enthusiast. " The Howard gem rotovator that was on yesterdays photo sold for £220"

The little Gypsy caravan sold for £550! That's quite a lot to pay for a very small play house.

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