Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A year in books link + where we went today

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Where you will find all sorts of ideas for reading, from lots of different bloggers.

 These were the books that I brought home from the library van in Mid February to read in March.
My recommendations from this lot are
Barbara Kingsolver- Prodigal Summer. I hadn't read any of her fiction books although I very much enjoyed " Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - Our Year of seasonal eating".
Prodigal Summer is the story of two women from an Appalachian farming community whose lives are changed over one summer. Their stories intertwine and there is lots of information about the flora and fauna of the area too.  I give this high marks.
Tracy Chevalier - The Lady and The Unicorn.
The fictional story of the people involved in the making of a tapestry, based on some facts. I enjoyed this but didn't think it was as good as The Last Runaway and Remarkable Creatures.
Emma Smith - As Green as Grass, growing up before, during and after the second world war. Emma wrote a book when she was still in her twenties all about her time on the canals during war. This new book explains how she grew up before the war after moving from the west country,about her family and on to her marriage.

My April books are these
I have already discarded The Yard - no good!
Now reading the Elly Griffiths and I also have some still to read from the first picture.

As for where we went today, it was more a case of where we didn't go!
C needed some plumbing bits for the campsite that could only be got from Ipswich. As I've said before we always try and do lots of errands when we are out!
 So we went to The plumbing place via
 The town centre for The Grape Tree, Poundland and shoeshop
B &Q
Then he got the plumbing bits he needed and we came home doing a slightly out-of-the-way detour through Haughley to pick up the picture from the framing shop.
Very glad to get home after that trip

 This is the water colour painting of Kersey in Suffolk, that I found at a car boot sale for £3. It is by a Suffolk artist -Brian Lilley-  who now sells paintings for £50 +.

I'm very pleased with how it looks with new mounts and frame. The framing shop have regular contact with this artist as he lives locally to them and uses them to frame pictures before he sells them. The date on the painting was illegible so they asked him and he thinks it was from 1993 or 94 when he first swapped from painting in oils to water colours.

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Back tomorrow, when I shall be at home ALL DAY - thank goodness!



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