Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April 16th

More poly-tunnel pictures.

Despite suddenly going down with a grotty cold yesterday afternoon ( the first one either of us has had for several years) Him Outside was determined to get the door and window finished on the poly tunnel. So Ta Da!

Covered in mesh on the outside of the frame, inner plastic rolled up for warm days
Here it is with the plastic, which is fixed to a batten at the bottom to weigh it down, rolled down for cold nights. I should have waited for C to trim off the excess plastic before taking the picture!

Nice wide door
 Now all we have to do is get it planted up with tomatoes and peppers.

I had a good collection of cards for my 59th. Lots of books and an Amazon voucher ( for more books!) from the children. I decided that framing the painting was my birthday pressie from C although he also got me a cross stitch mag. We are not big on birthday celebrations here so it was just a normal work day.
 For Christmas as a bit of a joke I  made my brother-in-law a birthday book and noted in it all his nieces, nephews and other family birthdays  and included a whole bundle of cards. He is a single bloke in his fifties and has always been hopeless at birthday cards. It didn't work! Still no card!
Thankfully I have some lovely penfriends so lots of pretty cards and penfriend letters.
 One other item of news, Mabel the missing cat is still around. C spotted her disappearing into our neighbours bit of woodland. He called her and she looked but was soon off at a fast trot. Maybe she was never an inside cat at all. There are plenty of mice in our hay shed and probably more in the stables at our neighbours and far too many small rabbits, so I'm sure she is OK for now. We will put some food out for her  in the hay shed later in the year when the weather turns colder and see what happens.
That's me done for today.
Back tomorrow


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