Thursday, 3 April 2014

Just an unsettled Thursday in April

We lost internet connection for part of the day again, but apparently Open Reach ( why did they change from BT? what on earth does Open Reach mean? - don't answer that!) are working on the phone lines up on the main road so maybe that's the reason.

The haziness that is Sahara dust and pollution from Europe is really bad here today. It seems silly, here we are in one of the cleanest parts of the factories.....clean sea air and yet today we have this nasty chemical smell drifting in. Thankfully this is a really rare event and we should be back to normal tomorrow or Saturday.

I've had an unsettled day today. Sometimes I get the urge to move somewhere that is even quieter than here, down a long lane, surrounded by woodland but with an open view over the hills with a stream close by. It would have to be somewhere close to the sea - not our grey old North sea that we have here but the Atlantic where the sun reflects on the water - and I would visit the beach at least  twice a week to hear the waves roaring or rolling in gently. I would live on fresh air, love, homegrown veg and our savings! It would be a small house so there wouldn't be so  much cleaning,  I would potter in the garden, and it wouldn't matter that the garden wasn't tidy because no one would see it  except us. I would have lots of shrubs and fruit trees and part of it would be wild with little pathways through. I would climb the hill everyday to admire the view, wander through the wood and enjoy the silence, read lots of books( even more than I do now) avoid people, shops, crowds, traffic. No strange people would ring the doorbell to tell me they had just put some money through the letterbox. No one would suddenly appear at the back door and make me jump. It wouldn't matter what I wore as no one would see me. Peace and quiet, day and night.

Unfortunately  all this is very unlikely to happen anytime soon due to the fact that it is only me that gets these crazy fidgety feelings!

Back Tomorrow, when I'm sure  I shall be back to normal again - whatever that is!


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