Friday, 4 April 2014

Some "Welcomes", news and My 2014 Carboot list

Before I forget I must say welcome to Felicity and M Stevens who are new followers on Google and Lucy and Kerry who follow via bloglovin. Hope you enjoy reading about our quiet life here.

I am feeling more settled today - thankfully, or I would drive C up the wall with my yearning for an even quieter life. We already live in one of the quietest parts of Suffolk and much, much more simply than most people, as he tells me frequently! But we've been here 22 years and before this had only lived for 5 years in one place.So I think it's time we moved.  (By the way, thanks to everyone for comments yesterday and it's nice to know I'm not the only person who dreams of perfect peace)

I'd better update you on what's been happening here over the last couple of days.
The gents loos on the campsite are finished. Just waiting for the floor paint to get really dry.
More bookings for Easter have come in.
More tomatoes have been planted out into the small poly tunnel.
One side of the middle poly tunnel has been dug out ready for replacing the plastic.
A load of hay has been delivered = £70 income.
Oldest Raspberry bed has been weeded.
Edges everywhere have been strimmed and grass cut in the garden again.

Yippee and three big cheers as the car-boot season starts on Sunday ( weather permitting of course).
 I've been thinking about what I need to look out for.
and guess what.........I made a list ........... love lists :-)

2 Toilet roll holders for the new Gents toilets on the campsite.( We looked in B & Q - some were £18!!)
New Tea Towels as long as they are less than 50p each
Card making bits, although they have to be cheap and I must be really choosy as I have shelves full already.
Wine glasses that look like this
Because I found a box of 4 at a boot sale and would like some more to match, the others I have are odds and ends.Chances of finding any - unlikely I think, but you never know.
Things that could be Christmas presents.
Books from my "looking for" list............. these have to be cheap.
Books not on my list but look really interesting.......they need to be even cheaper.
A Hosta that has green leaves with yellow edges. Love Hostas.
New cheap ( less than £2) T shirts.

What I MUST NOT buy.
Christmas Cards - I probably have enough for 5 years.
Christmas Wrapping paper unless its a big roll for less than 50p
Cross stitch magazines and cross stitch kits.
Note cards, writing paper and birthday cards. I should be using all my card baking bits.
Mason Cash pottery Pudding basins. I found several last year - I have enough.

Fingers crossed for a fine Sunday morning

Back tomorrow


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