Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Must get some work done ......... Tomorrow

Do you know that tomorrow is the last day of April, how did the month fly by so quickly?

We were out this morning to Framlingham to collect feed and deliver some pallets to a Suffolk Girl on her new allotment. I thought about popping into the Charity shops for an Ed Sheeran Hoody but decided not to bother, probably wouldn't suit me really!
We went into the Country Market to beg a couple of cultivated blackberry runners off a friend before he moves and will collect when he has framed a small tapestry for me - it's been sitting there for about 15 years waiting for me to decide what to do with it, but with our picture framing friend going off to Yorkshire soon I thought it's now or never.

This afternoon I walked past the onion beds and thought " must weed the onions". I walked past the strawberry beds and thought " still haven't weeded those strawberries". I opened the fridge and thought" must use the last of this months sad carrots and that half tin of tomatoes to make some soup".

So I really must not spend long blog reading and writing tomorrow and get some work done instead.

Back Tomorrow - Briefly!


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