Tuesday, 1 October 2013

More things we don't spend money on

Reading lots of other blogs on frugal living gives a window into other peoples lives that wouldn't normally be seen. Sometimes I see spending plans by people who are hoping to pay off their mortgage or debts and wonder how serious they really are.

They want to save yet still spend money on things that I consider unnecessary luxuries. Him Outside had a job that always paid just average earnings yet we wanted to be able to raise our 3 children, buy a smallholding, pay off the mortgage and to allow him to give up full time paid work at age 55. We took these plans seriously and looked at every way we could think of to achieve our aims.

The economic situation over the last 5 years is a new experience for young people, but those of us approaching 60 have seen it before. The oil crisis in the 70s caused prices to rocket. Then during the early 80s  prices went up and house prices doubled in just a few years. Another recession in the early 90s and mortgage rates shot up to 16% . We had just bought this smallholding and it made things very tight for us. So nothing is new.

 So my suggestions for others to think about would be-

Doing without anything with a label. Clothes, shoes, handbags etc. Take a step down to cheaper brands or two steps down to secondhand.

Always do the Martin Lewis( Money Saving Expert) one step down on supermarket food.

Grow as much as you can fit in and have time to care for.

Go without expensive brands of things like shampoo, make up etc etc. You might find the cheapest will work just as well.Use less of anything you do use.

Write down every single thing you spend money on and think of ways to spend less on EVERY SINGLE THING!

Do more for yourself. You don't need a window cleaner, cleaner, gardener, etc.

You CAN manage without  all the extra spending for TV. A TV license and Freesat is all you need! Honestly THAT IS ALL YOU NEED.

Never ever buy a new hardback book. In a months time you will be able to get it on Amazon for less and if you can't wait that long USE YOUR LIBRARY.

Never ever spend silly money on Birthday cards. Where do they go in a few days time? INTO THE BIN. It's the thought that counts, write a special note inside instead.

I could go on and on as there are hundreds of ways to pinch pennies IF YOU WANT TO. Look on it as your job if you are serious about paying off debts and having a good future.

I took part in the 30 ways to Save a £1 on Money supermarket. A few more ideas are HERE


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