Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Missing gloves and reminders of Tales of the Green Valley TV series

Under the chair, just inside the back door we have a small plastic box to keep the work gloves in .But look what happens
5 right hand gloves and only 2 left hand. So where do they go? An unsolved mystery!

A Warm welcome to two new followers - The Gardening Shoe and John Wooldridge.  As I'm interested to "meet" new followers I clicked to see more about them and on the link to Johns blog was another link taking me to a living history reconstruction in Australia and on there was a mention of one of my favourite ever TV series  - Tales from The  Green Valley. This introduced some of the people who went on to feature in the other Historic Farm series.( Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn). The Green Valley Farm was a project started in an old farm in Wales to show what life was like on a farm in the 1600s. Stuart Peachey - also in the Green Valley series was an author and one of the instigators of the project. Unfortunately there was some sort of disagreement after the TV series finished, so although he wrote a book about the reconstruction project he was not allowed to write anything about the series. Then came The Victorian Farm, The Edwardian Farm and the dreadfully badly produced Wartime Farm which had so many inaccuracies in it that we almost refused to watch.
These have not been repeated on TV ( at least not that I have noticed) but luckily we have the DVDs of the first 3 - the Wartime one is not worth watching again! I often watch these during winter afternoons when I'm stitching. Then I remembered that last time we wanted to watch a DVD we discovered that the blinkin' DVD player has packed up. Definitely something to save up for before winter sets in.


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