Saturday, 12 October 2013

Crossing the border to Norfolk

We packed our passports and crossed the border into Norfolk this morning. My sister moved from Mid Suffolk to south Norfolk last November and we still hadn't got around to seeing their new home. We are  hopeless at visiting family! ( Although they were away in Europe all summer so if you discount those 5 months it doesn't sound quite so bad.)
Being us, we didn't just visit them, we also called in at a Norfolk Library to collect a book that we wanted to look at which was not in stock in Suffolk libraries( plus a visit to a charity shop of course!)
During the summer we bought these two prints of Suffolk villages, previously mentioned in a blog in June.
They are prints that were used in railway carriages to show people all the interesting places they could visit by train. Our friend P put new glass in them and replaced the backing and we now have them up on the wall.
I was interested to find out where and when they were used and Him Outside tracked down  this book.
Hence the trip to a Norfolk Library to borrow. I've had a quick look and it seems our prints were distributed for use between 1948 and 1955. Which is later than we thought as they were labelled as being from the 1930s.
The charity shop visit was also useful as Him Outside found a pair of jeans and also a pair for our youngest daughters partner. They came around for dinner in the week and he was telling us how he was down to one pair of work trousers after his others split and he was working Saturday and Sunday so couldn't go out to get any. Our daughter had looked in the charity shops in town with no luck and mens clothes shops are something we don't have anywhere near.  In the lovely big charity shop they have in Harleston I also  spent 50p on a tub of bicarb. Isn't that the weirdest thing you would expect to see in a charity shop?

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