Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Loving this blogging thing!

I've only been blogging since April but I'm really enjoying the contact with people all over the country and around the world. Take yesterday for instance, we knew what effect the storm had here and there were pictures on TV but it was even more interesting to hear from blog friends. So thank you to Pam, Buttercup and Dc, who are  in the Eastern half of England, Kris in the US, Vicki who is just down the road, Bridget in Dorset, Pam in Norway, Alison on the south coast, Em on Dartmoor, Kev in Malvern and also Attila who is somewhere in the UK, but I'm not sure where! Everyone had survived the storms without too many problems but it sounds as if many places had a lot more rain than we did - as usual. We are always one of the driest parts of the country.

Our chickens have been moved from the fixed shed to their new accommodation (the old campsite toilet block) right up the top of the field. We are wondering if they are the only chickens with vinyl flooring! We moved them yesterday afternoon and left them shut into their new shed until after they had laid their eggs this morning. This is what we always do when we move hens so that when it gets dark tonight they will know where they have to go to find their perches. It will be good for them to have grass again as they had turned their old chicken run into a mud bath.

Despite having 5 acres of land our apple trees are all squashed together, the trouble is when we planted them we thought they looked far enough apart but of course they grew! Anyway, it's turned out  as an advantage this year because the very, very, late apple tree is so sheltered that even after all the wind they are still hanging on.
  They are a duel use variety, sharp cooking apples early then eating apples if left long enough.( No idea of their name)  I think we will pick them soon and wrap them in newspaper to store in a box so we can leave them out in the shed as I've already got several trays of apples indoors.

I hope there is a bit more passing traffic tomorrow. It's half term here so quieter than usual and we have lots of eggs unsold. Even with the stormy weather and trees down we sold out as usual yesterday. Snow is the worst thing as lots of our egg buyers are elderly and they all stay at home.

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