Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Low Tech Gadget and more meat stretching

Over there in one of the columns on the right it says that one of the ways we are frugal is to avoid gadgets- the sort that are run by electric and are really unnecessary.

But here is one of the low tech gadgets I have - it's very old and I've had it since before we were married. It takes apart for washing up easily too. I think they are still made in an updated version.
 You just put your carrot or potato inside the bottom bit and bash the handle up and down  and hey presto tiny bits of veg are produced. Just right for mixing with minced beef to make a batch of pasties.
Yet another good way of stretching meat. 9 pasties made using 12 oz mince, 4 carrots 5 medium potatoes and a good dollop of brown sauce. All squidged together by hand. Home made  shortcrust pastry, rolled out and cut into rounds with a small saucepan lid. Cooked for about half an hour on highish temp then another 15mins a bit lower. ( I'm vague as I just do them until I think they look right).
I wrap them individually in foil and freeze them. Then pop them into a couple of plastic boxes. Him Outside prefers his cold but I usually reheat mine in the microwave for a few minutes. Lots of good gravy and some green veg. Delicious.

Thank you to everyone for comments over the last few days and welcome to new followers on bloglovin. I see I'm heading towards 100 little pictures, click and follow - make my day!

Plus I think a small fanfare is in order as this is post number 200!!
And they said it wouldn't last. :-)


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