Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Winter preperations and getting Christmas sorted

This morning we spread some compost on some empty veg. beds and covered them with plastic. The worms will take much of the compost down into the ground by spring and the plastic is a bit of protection against too much wet weather and weeds.
I have now finished putting apples and pears into the freezer for winter, another job done.We also have a box of cooking apples in the shed. The very late eating apples will be picked,wrapped and stored as soon as a frost is forecast. Onions are in nets in the shed, potatoes ( the few we have) in sacks. Beetroot is in sand in a box. Parsnips, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and leeks are in the garden. Mincemeat, jam and chutney made and stored in the cupboard. Wood in the shed, some cut and plenty still to do for the woodburner and Rayburn. Coal in case it's extra cold. Hats, gloves  and coats are all OK.  We have a spare cylinder of gas for the hob. We have a wind-up radio and a wind-up torch and plenty of candles and matches and some batteries. Before the end of the year we will also store some extra chicken feed and some petrol for the generator.

We like to be prepared because  twice in our married life we have been without electric for a whole week, although it hasn't happened lately.  I'm sure it was easier  to manage without electric years ago as our old gas oven could still be used by lighting with a match. Now we have an electric oven but even most gas ones need electric connected to be able to light them.We still have our old telephone in a drawer just-in-case as the new one with answerphone also needs electric to work.
And then we have this
We found this at a car boot a few years ago and we knew what it was. But do you??
Answers at the bottom of the page! 

  I had a catalogue in the post today for the Inverawe Smokehouse in Scotland. They do the most delicious looking, expensive hampers for Christmas. We visited the smokehouse and museum, which was fascinating,  when we were on holiday in Scotland about 5 years ago and I must have filled in a form or something as I get these catalogues every year. Our neighbour, who has been a great help to us over the years we have been here - especially when we had goats - said the only presents she needs now are ones to eat or drink, so maybe one of their smoked salmon boxes would be a good idea for her.
 Phone calls yesterday sorted out who is going where and when over the Christmas holidays and our two eldest and their partners will both be in other parts of the country, so we will be having a New Year get together in early January. The 25th will be quiet with just Him Outsides Dad and brother coming for the day, unless our youngest and her partner decide to pop up as well. Presents for lots of people are in the cupboard but I still need ideas for 3 grown up children, their 3 partners, one elderly Dad and one 54 year old bachelor brother.

Answer to mystery object- Its a thing for doing toast over the flame of a gas hob or camping stove.


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