Monday, 28 October 2013

It was all OK until 8.30 am, then.................

I went out to let the chickens out just after 7.30 and there was no sign of any damage, the electric fences were still upright around the chicken runs, trees all looked fine. All was OK. Then at about 8.30  the sound of the wind went up several decibels, the front fence blew down, two  branches from  oak trees over the road came down, one of them bringing with it our neighbours phone wire and practically all the leaves came off our horse chestnut tree- all at once!

Then just as quickly the wind died down and we were back to a normal windy October day. Weird.

Quick as a wink Him Outside was out with the jeep and a chain to pull the branches off the road and into our driveway, then the chainsaw was soon out and the wood was ready to go into a builders bag to store away for a couple of years to season.
 So we got away lightly. I think it will take a lot longer for our neighbour to get her phone line back. As for our fence, the posts have broken so new holes will need digging and that will be way down the job list.
I'm glad we were not traveling anywhere today as there were lots of trees down on several roads around us.
I hope everyone in blogland is  safe and sound with not too much damage done.


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