Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Windy weather on the way

Goodness me, now up to 76 followers. Welcome to you, and I haven't even checked the bloglovin bit to see if there is any one new there.
I'm very bad at remembering to say " Thank you" to people who have commented. I sometimes don't find comments on old blogs until several days later. - Hopeless! It's because I'm always in such a rush to do a new blog.

We were watching the weather forecast which is predicting a change to  much colder weather with strong North winds here from Thursday. So it seemed a good idea to get the best of the cooking apples off the smaller of our two Bramley trees and into a box.  I've wrapped them individually in newspaper and put into a good solid cardboard box. Then I found a flower pot carrying  tray to fit tight over the top. When it gets colder we will wrap an old sleeping bag around the box. They usually last pretty well like this right into February. We've sold all the apples off the big Bramley already and all the decent windfalls are in the kitchen or shed waiting for me to get them into the freezer. There are still quite a lot  to sell from the smaller tree.

Him Outside has been turning a small, cheap, wooden, livestock trailer, bought off ebay, into a moveable chicken shed for our newest 24 hens. Bodging something together with bits of wood is his favourite sort of job. At the moment the young hens are still in half of the hay shed but we want to get them out onto grass as soon as possible. The plan was to get rid of the very oldest hens but as they are still laying a few eggs we will hang onto them a bit longer.

We still have a few visitors coming and going on the campsite which is unusual for October. Sometimes we go dead quiet after August Bank holiday but September was good this year. I do begin to get a bid fed up of looking after the toilets and bins, and will be glad when it's all over for another year.

Not a lot of interesting news today.
Back tomorrow.


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