Sunday, 6 October 2013

Yet another car boot bargain

First of all I must give a warm welcome to new followers in the little pictures over there on the right, I hope you enjoy my ramblings from the Simple Suffolk Smallholding.

Those of you who have been following for a while will know that we love car boot sales. We go and look every other Sunday between April and October. We never come home with bags and bags of STUFF as we are only looking for things we need, things we know will be used in the future and things that are suitable as Christmas gifts.

Two weeks ago it was the work boots for Him Outside which he has been wearing and says they are the most comfortable he has ever had. Probably because they are really good quality and would have been at least £50 new, whereas if he goes to buy new ones from the work-wear supplier he would be wanting to spend around £35 at the most.
And the Epson Ink Cartridges which we don't need right this minute but we will need before too long and at £10 instead of £45ish they were a good bargain too.

Today my bargain was this  12 hole bun tin which was only 50p !
Not the most exciting picture to be found on a blog today!
  I do have one already but this will take up no room in the kitchen and will be handy for doing a bigger mince pie bake at Christmas. I suppose I didn't really NEED it but when I do need a replacement for my old one it will cost a lot more than 50p.
I also bought 3 new large pudding basins for £2 each. These will be used for Christmas Puddings to be given as gifts. I've been looking all year for some good second hand ones with no luck, but these were less than half price of new ones in the shops.
That was my shopping done for the day. There is only one more boot sale this season and then it will be the long wait until next year. I get withdrawal symptoms for weeks!

Because I want to do some more chutney making next week I had a good sort out of a big box of jam jars that were in the shed so as to match them up with the few remaining new lids that are left. I've made a mental note to call in at the packaging place to get a load of new lids of various sizes next time we are in that part of Suffolk. There's nothing more annoying than washing up jars ready for jam making only to find you have no lids to fit. We are so lucky to have a company that does all sorts of useful stuff like this not too far away. If you are wondering why I use new lids, it's because I've done food hygiene courses and know that an old lid can ruin a jar of new preserves quite easily!

Another job today was sorting out the strawberry runners  that were pegged down into pots to make new plants. All but two had rooted nicely so we have 27 new plants to fill up the second strawberry bed.
I spent 5 minutes deciding what we will eat for main meals next week and what jobs we are planning to do. After last week, which was all going in and out for various reasons, next week looks much quieter. Thank goodness.

Weather report today from the edge of Suffolk - Beautiful sunshine.


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