Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday tidy up

With a £6 off £40 spend till slip voucher from Tesco due to run out tomorrow it seemed sensible to do Novembers shop a few days early. I wanted a couple of lemons to do the Christmas puddings but they only had organic at a silly price, so I asked and a girl trotted off to look, but none had come in. Seems a pretty basic thing to run out of or is it because the ordinary lemons were on a special offer at half the price of organic? Cynical person aren't I? So pud making will have to wait a while.  I could have popped over to Waitrose I guess, but as it was just about to rain I decided to wait until I'm in Coop next week.

In between showers we got all the bins etc off the campsite before the predicted gales. It's unlikely we will have any visitors now as the one caravan that was booked in rang and cancelled last night. I can't blame them - who wants to sit in a field in the dark and dampness of late October when they could be at home in the warm? We close at the end of October anyway. I shall cover all the toilet seats, cisterns and washbasins with newspaper which helps to keep them clean over winter. It's the spiders that make such a nasty mess.

Him Outside has been resting all afternoon. Some different tablets he was given last time he went to the doctors seem to be giving him vivid dreams so that he wakes up several times in the night. He has also been working extremely hard around the smallholding. I have suggested that he should slow down a bit, but it does no good. Perhaps next time he has to go to the Doctor they can try some different tablets. The hospital doctors suggest one thing and the GP says another. There is a sad lack of coordination between the two.

I'm now going to do a bit of cross stitch and have a proper look at the Christmas food magazines that I picked up at the car boot sale last week.

Back tomorrow.


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