Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Note to self--- stop preaching

After posting yesterdays blog I was cross with myself for turning into some sort of sanctimonious preacher. I thought about deleting it but Him Outside said "don't, as people have already read and commented and would wonder where it had gone".
So I left it.
I don't want to preach or become a sort of goody goody person, there's enough of them blogging already!
I will NOT do it again.

Anyway, back to normal.

Many years ago the Suffolk Smallholders Society had regular monthly meetings, so that even if you were stuck on the holding on your own all winter you knew that once a month you could go out and meet other like minded smallholders. However the SSS is now mainly a training group with no regular meetings. So when someone wrote in the newsletter last winter that they were feeling a bit isolated we decided to offer our kitchen one morning a month for anyone to come for Coffee,cake and conversation. There are 250 families who are members of the SSS. Today was the first get together and 1 person came - hope November is better!

Other than nattering, today I've been tidying up, putting peppers into the freezer, fiddling about reading blogs, collecting and sorting the eggs and writing my shopping list for the months food, Christmassy bits and other things.

I have most Christmas presents made or bought already. But need to shop for one or two others plus fruit for making the puddings and cakes. There were some good ideas for presents to make hampers of one of the new blogs I've been reading, but I can't remember which one!
 I must have a look through my Christmas cupboard and see what's there in the way of small presents for putting into crackers. Cards were bought at car boot sales, January sales or home made. Tags are homemade, wrapping paper from a car boot sale. I will wait until nearer to the day to ask our children and their partners what they would like.
When we go to Ipswich next we will need to find Him Outside some new trousers. He has lost weight this summer and all his old ones are too big. When I say New, I mean New to Us, as we will do a tour of the charity shops first and only as a last resort will actually buy new.

I also spent half an hour finishing a library book as the library van is due soon and it's wanted back. I was a bit disappointed by it, it just skimmed the surface of subjects, and there are  lots of repeated sentences and mistakes which I find very annoying, whoever did the proof reading wasn't very good!

  I won't be looking out for it secondhand to add to my WWII collection.
 I forgot to say that one of the books I found at the charity book sale last Saturday was a book by Dorothy Sheridan, called Wartime Women. I had read it years ago and forgotten about it. Bought for 50p I was pleased to find a copy to re-read and keep.

Going back to Christmas things. I'm hoping to do a blog about what sort of things frugal smallholders like and( more importantly) don't like for presents, to drop a hint to all our relations who read the blog!!

It seems lots of the country has wet weather today - it's still dry here. 4 months now with hardly any rain.
Back tomorrow.


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