Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Stretching sausages

I've said before that we have cut down meat eating since we stopped producing our own and since prices went up. So now when we do have it I make it stretch. But is it possible to make 4 sausages feed 2 people three or even 4 times?
Answer  = Yes!
And can I keep Him Outside well fed with one sausage?
This is what I made today to feed us today, tomorrow lunch and tomorrow dinner and maybe another lunch too.
A toad in the hole and a sausage plait.
And is one sausage in the toad in the hole enough to feed him?
If you add in lots of  vegetables,mostly homegrown, then yes it's plenty.
Roast potatoes and squash, carrot and courgettes make a big plateful,enough for anyone.

Obviously the sausage plait has more in it than the meat from 2 sausages!

Sausage plait
Third of a pack of puff pastry (I buy from the chilled counter and divide into 3 before freezing)
2 sausages skins removed
2 tablespoons of value stuffing mix.(  about 15p a box, I tip boxes into a storage jar)
1 small onion chopped       }    Home grown
1 small courgette chopped  }      "           "
1 eating apple grated          }        "           "
Soften the onion and courgette in a spot of water in the microwave ( or in a teenie bit of oil in pan)
Add the stuffing mix and enough hot water to make the stuffing wet.
Leave to cool, then add the grated apple and the squidged sausage meat, and mix it all together.
Roll out the pastry into an oblong and put the meat mix down the middle.
Make cuts in the sides from the meat, out to the edge about an inch apart.
Fold the sides in alternately and stick it with water or beaten egg.
Brush with egg or a little milk.
Place on a greased tray
Cook in hot oven for about half an hour, turn it round to cook evenly.
Best eaten cooled a bit or cold.
( home made shortcrust could be used, but ready made puff can be rolled thinner)

With a plate full of delicious home made food, is it no wonder we rarely eat out?!

Small money saver tip -- see the jar of mustard on the table, I always buy powdered mustard and mix a little with water in a jar. Cheaper than buying a jar of ready made mustard.

Thanks to A Suffolk girl, Em, Attila, Compostwoman, Pam,  Angela, Buttercup, Cro, Bridget  and Kev for comments yesterday. Everyone is in agreement about waste from shops and in the home.

It was fine all morning so some outdoor jobs were done. Him Outside had a dentist appointment and actually got given a tube of toothpaste - handy. Then he went to our neighbours to fix an outside tap to a wall and to  a friends to re -fit a pane of glass in a shed.
My jobs were hoovering, cleaning and then some weeding, which I was in the middle of when a motorhome arrived on site for a couple of nights. So an unexpected extra income.
By lunchtime the promised rain had begun but just like yesterday it didn't last long.

That's today's news
Back tomorrow


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