Saturday, 19 October 2013

They didn't forecast rain all afternoon- did they?

Mucky weather here this afternoon. Wet and nasty.

Before the rain started we picked more cooking apples and then got a bit of concreting done.When the mini digger was here Him Outside pulled up a bit of concrete path between the house and buildings that seems to be in a frost pocket because it keeps cracking and breaking,with grass growing in the cracks. So now its been replaced and will look tidy again.
 This house and the original farm buildings  were built in 1955, but until we moved here in1992 no one had ever got around to putting a proper path through the vegetable garden between the house and buildings, yet  it must have been walked thousands of times. I think a bit of shingle was put down at one time but the "path" made from frequent walking was about 4 inches lower than the grass each side. Every time we had rain it was like walking up a stream. Needless to say a concrete path was soon installed.

This afternoon I fiddled about with some new craft papers and eventually made a card and then tidying up the craft room/office. Him outside was in the shed cutting some firewood.

Homemade, Home grown and home produced food eaten today:- Bread, tomatoes,cucumber, lettuce, salad leaves,pepper, beetroot, cheese scones, cake, eggs, parsley, chives. Apples, pears,autumn raspberries. Apple pie

For sale on the stall today:- Eggs, Pumpkins, butternut squash,Cooking apples, red cabbage, white cabbage.

Hope the weather is better tomorrow or the very last car boot sale will be cancelled.

No other news today

Back tomorrow.


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