Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review of the month - looking back at October

The last day of the month so time to look back at the ups,downs, ins and outs of another month on the Simple Suffolk Smallholding

  1. Him Outside continued to get his strength and stamina back and is now back to how he was at the beginning of the year- Fit and Well.
  2. We earned enough to cover next months budget ( see our budget here)
  3. A couple of cheques were popped into the ISAs for winter
  4. We've sold almost all the squash and pumpkins - an income of over £100
  5. We've sold bags and bags of cooking apples, spreading appleness all around!
  6. Lots of  pears and cooking apples have been put into the freezer.
  7. We have enough eating apples to last us for many weeks, or months if they will keep that long.
  8. We now have 4 chicken sheds ( 3 out on the field) so will always have enough grass for our chickens. And we will be able to have one empty in rotation for good  health and hygiene.
  9. Egg sales are still very good.
  10. I made a few jars of Red Onion "marmalade" Chutney.
  11. Wood has been bought for building 2 new sheds.
  12. Christmas puddings have been made.
  13. More Christmas presents have been bought or organised.
  14. We received another rosette for being nominated in the "Friendly Welcome" category, from the Camping and Caravanning Club.
  15. Lots of good books from the Library Van again.
  16. We had a surprise visit from our son.
  17. We were almost Self- Sufficient in vegetables again this month ( less than £2 spent for carrots)
  18. We were almost self-sufficient in fruit again this month.( less than £6 Spent on fruit all month)
  19. We were able to buy some cheap coal from a friend in case of very cold weather.
  20. We gained a builders bag of oak logs from the fallen branch across the road.
On the other side of the coin

A huge amount has been spent on more things for the smallholding for chicken sheds,tractor repairs, pressure washer, campsite and the garden shed. We seem to have been pouring money into this place since we moved here 20 years ago!
Our son didn't get a job he tried for in this area.
Food spending was over budget. ( Christmas stores)
The  wind blew the fence down - more expense.
The mild weather and rain has made the weeds grow everywhere.


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