Thursday, 17 October 2013

Oh Happy Day

Him Outside is never happier than when he is outside and riding around on a bit of machinery of some sort. So today he was a happy bunny as he has hired a mini digger to lay a new water pipe for our neighbour.

I'm happy too as the sun shone and I have  got a load of washing dry outside, done a whole lot of hoovering, baked a few fruit and a few cheese scones, poached the last of the pears  including the small odd shaped ones, picked a small tub of autumn raspberries, brought in all the eating apples off the next to last eating apple tree ( the birds had found them) and generally had a good day.

32 years ago I was also happy, having given birth to our son after spending a day and a night fiddling about in hospital trying to persuade him to arrive. I had gone up to hospital thinking he was about to arrive but when he didn't they wouldn't let me home again as my blood pressure was a bit high. Our daughter of 17 months stayed  with her nanna and wondered when we were going to come home. Now he is a 6 foot plus archaeologist.
Happy Birthday M.


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