Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A trip out, a chance meeting and a surprise visitor

We needed chicken feed so decided to do a charity shop trip around a different town while we were out.We are still looking for jeans for Him Outside and still without any luck. If we don't find some soon he will be forced to buy new. That will come as a shock!

While we were buying a new DVD player. Who should appear in the shop but Him Outsides brother. He was in the town for a opticians appointment and had spotted us going into Argos. It's always a nice surprise to see someone we don't get to see often. I thought we would have to save up for a new DVD player because I had no idea they were available for £17!! So we didn't need to save and now on a cold winter afternoon I'll be able to watch my favourite Good Life DVDs and the Green Valley one I mentioned the other day. Plus Him Outside is pleased as he will finally get to watch the Phil Tufnell On Tour DVD that he found at a boot sale during the summer.

This was my spend today, in the Heart Foundation charity shop I found this lovely Advent calender. I've always been very anti advent calenders with chocolates in - much to the disgust of the children when they were little, and when I saw this I decided that even though there have been no children here for 7 years, it reminded me of one that I had a long time ago ( before anyone even thought of putting chocs in advent calenders) and at £1.50 it didn't break my frugal bank. I shall open the windows and enjoy it all through December.

Just as we were about to start for home we had a phone call from our son who was in the area to go for an interview and thought he would surprise us on his way home. He is an archaeologist and currently lives and works in the Milton Keynes area. The job he is interested in involves working on a community project connected with WWII airfields in East Anglia. As this was the subject of his university dissertation it would suit him well and bring him closer to home where he still has lots of friends. His partner has a business degree and she  has worked in various marketing jobs so I'm sure she would soon find a job in the area. We will keep our fingers crossed for them.


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