Friday, 25 October 2013

Yet another chicken shed

Selling eggs at the gate is one of our main income sources. We live on an unclassified backroad but it is used by people from several villages who are heading to Saxmundham and as we've sold eggs on and off for 20 years we knew that when Him Outside went self employed we would increase hen numbers.
The trouble is that in the fixed shed the chickens soon turn the grass to mud which is not good for clean eggs. So plan " turn old campsite loo block into chicken shed" was hatched (!).  Everything was stripped out, cleaned out and tidied up. Him Outside sorted perches and nest boxes, our farmer friend came with his loader and big trailer
 and just a few minutes later the old shed had been shifted right up to the top of the field and as soon as we get more electric fence we will move the chickens.
They will love  to have more grass, the fixed shed and run will have a rest and the eggs will be cleaner.

This is where I was while it was raining first thing this morning, at my "work station" chopping kindling ready for lighting the Rayburn and woodburner. It is something I will be doing regularly from now until April.  It keeps me out of mischief .
 I wonder if we really will get the weather that is forecast for Sunday or Monday. It sounds as if it will pretty rough, but sometimes when the weather is from the South West by the time it gets to us on the Eastern  edge it has worn itself out.

Thanks to everyone for Pasty and Autochopper comments yesterday!
Back tomorrow.


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