Sunday, 27 October 2013

Just a simple Sunday

I hate the day we put the clocks back. It means winter is on the way and I'm not good in the winter. I shall have yet another fight with nasty black depression that sometimes sees me falling into a black hole. It's a lack of a chemical in the brain that does it, easily controlled by a small dose of happy pills but annoying all the same.

Once the rain stopped Him Outside brought in a bookcase that was in the old campsite toilet block. It was painted purple  but he has painted it white and it is now beside the bed with a kettle on it - so I can reach out and switch it on - Luxury!

Next job was to shift some logs that Bts - the tree cutting people, had left behind when they cleared under the pylons. It's not our land but nobody really knows who owns it. We know who farms it but the land was sold off several years ago to some big insurance company or something similar. So we've claimed the logs which have been added to the huge heap that we already have seasoning ready for a few years time.

Other than those jobs and the normal egg collecting etc, we've had a quiet restful day.

We have heeded all the warnings, put things safely inside sheds and generally prepared for whatever weather comes our way tonight and tomorrow. The last I heard the storm had been down graded to a once in 5 year event rather than a once in 200 year storm like we had in 1987. I was 8 months pregnant back then and our electric was off for a week. Because we saw no TV for a week we had no idea what effect the wind had in other parts of the country. Our son remembers unwrapping presents by candlelight on his 6th birthday.
Which reminds me - he didn't get the job that he was interviewed for last week. I'm sure things happen for a reason and as the job was a 3 year contract with one year in Norfolk, one year in Suffolk and another year in Hertfordshire it would have been difficult to know whether to move 3 times or travel which would have made life complicated for them both. I'm sure something will happen that will enable them to move back to this area at sometime - just not yet.

Thank you for comments yesterday, it's lovely to hear from people all around the world who have connections with Suffolk. Also welcome to new followers on here and via Bloglovin'.


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