Friday, 18 October 2013

Cycling in the fog

As I said a week or two ago I really want to get cycling again. I'm just 2 and a half miles from our two small towns so just right for biking and I did it regularly for years. So I set off to Saxmundham this morning and it was just a little misty here but the further I got inland the foggier it got.
No bargains in Tesco- no surprise there. And I only needed milk and a few other bits. Then into the factory shop to get some pretty things for the Operation Christmas Child shoebox, which I must get finished soon. A quick visit to the charity shops and I was soon on my way home again.
I popped my camera in my bag to take a picture of the hill out of the town which, if you are in a car seems to be just a bit of an incline, but on a bike it's STEEP. I've never been able to cycle up it even when I was 20 years younger!

 It doesn't look to bad on a photo but I walked up.
At the top of the hill you can see right across the fields to the pylons near us- Usually!

But not today. Just a bank of fog.

We had a disappointment today because the people we've been going with to a few charity quiz nights don't seem keen on doing it this winter. Shame, as I like quizzing and don't take it too seriously. We are not sure who else would want to have a go.
Anyone for quizzing?

Lovely to see some new followers in the little pictures over there on the right - Welcome. Do leave a comment sometimes.

The other day I said I wanted to make a regular feature of the things we eat that are home grown, homemade or home produced and then I forgot - hopeless!
So here we go
Home grown, homemade and home produced eaten here today; Bread, Tomatoes, cucumber, courgette,sweet pepper, lettuce, salad leaves,beetroot, red onion, cheese scones, potato, cabbage. Apple, pears and autumn raspberries.Apple pie.
For sale on the stall today; Eggs, squash,pumpkins and cooking apples.
That's it for today, I have a good book to finish.
Back tomorrow.


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