Friday, 11 October 2013

A wet Friday

Thank you to Dc at Frugal in Norfolk, Pam at winkle#39;s Crazy Ideas, Morgan at Growing in the Fens and Cro for comments yesterday. It seems I'm not the only wife who gets landed with all the Christmas organisation and I'm also not the only person who doesn't really need anything for presents anymore.

We had more wild and windy weather over night and again today and we honestly couldn't remember when we last had rain two days running. More cooking apples and peppers have been put into the freezer and the ironing has been done while Him Outside has done a bit of tidying of the workshop.Those last few words ought to be in capital letters as it doesn't happen very often!
He also took the trailer to town and came back with 6 empty IBC 1000lt containers. These will be pressure washed, advertised in the smallholders newsletter and hopefully sold for a good profit. They are ideal for catching large amounts of water from a shed or house roof.
 This afternoon he did a bit of firewood cutting while I lit the woodburner and did some stitching.
First I cut several inches off the sleeves of a Cotton Traders roll neck cotton top. I love these for winter warmth and snap them up from charity shops whenever I see one. Ones for men are best as they are longer. The one I found in the Sue Ryder Shop in town the other day was £3.95 and lavender coloured but the arms were made for a gorilla! It's a bit too big all over really, which is fine except for the sleeves.

It seems there are so many worrying things in the news just lately. Energy companies are putting up their prices and then there is the threat of  blackouts if we have extra cold weather. I heard that in Liverpool the food banks are having to give out food that doesn't need heating as so many people cannot afford to use a cooker.How are so many people slipping through the safety net? As for all the goings on in the US government.....well who knows what effect that will have on the world if they can't sort themselves out.

Then I read that Ilona, the Queen of mean at Life After Money was fed up with reading about money saving, frugal living, debts etc etc and thought " goodness me what is the world coming too".

Seriously though it does look as if more belt tightening may be needed for many people. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by hearing of so much poverty in this country without even thinking about the rest of the world where poor really means having nothing.


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