Monday, 30 September 2013

Review of the month - Looking Back at September

  1. Him Outside had the second stent done with no problems and is feeling very well.
  2. We earned enough money to cover everything for next month (here is our budget)
  3. Some money has been put into the ISAs for winter.
  4. The campsite continued to be busy
  5. Lots of lovely weather
  6. We spent less than we had allocated
  7. Food spending was well under budget
  8. From the garden we had aubergines, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, runner beans, cauliflower, potatoes, onions, cabbage, peppers, beetroot, lettuce, radish. So..................
  9. We were almost self sufficient for vegetables - spending just £1 on carrots and a punnet of yellow ticket cress.
  10. From the garden we had plums, greengages, autumn raspberries,figs, pears, cooking apples and the first eating apples.So....................
  11. We were almost self sufficient for fruit - 4 punnets of nectarines and a few apples early in the month were all that we bought .
  12. Lots of lovely library books again
  13. A nice big cheque for the field rolling job
  14. We spent a few hours sitting on the beach and listening to the waves.
  15. We came home from the coast via Sainsburys and found some reduced meat, value bacon and very cheap engine oil.
  16. 3 Really big bargain buys- His work boots for £6, 5 Epson ink cartridges for £10 and a pair of almost new Crocs for £3.
  17. Lots of chutney and relish has been made.Plans in hand for more.
  18. We have a huge tree full of Bramley apples, lots of Squash and several pumpkins to sell.
  19. New chickens are looking well and have started laying.
  20. We went to the Suffolk Smallholders AGM and met up with folk we haven't seen in a while.
  21.  Thanks to the blog we have a new writer for the Penny Pincher letter writing group that I belong to.
It was such a good month that I can't think of anything at all to put in the negative list. How lucky we are!


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