Sunday, 22 September 2013

2 big savings and an interesting book

As usual we went to the fortnightly car boot sale, where we saved a decent amount of money on two things. Him Outside bought a pair of brand new JCB work boots for £6, the proper price is around £50 and I spotted 5 ink cartridges for our printer for £10  and they are usually a LOT more than that. That's the problem with our Epson printer, it is so clever it even tells you when you have tried to sneak in a cheap version of ink cartridge, up comes the message" Not Compatible"!

This is the book that I've just finished.

  If you are interested in what makes people buy certain things  and how we became a nation of consumers it's a good read.  Harry Wallop ( journalist and most recently seen on Superscrimpers) has given consumers various class names, including Asda Mum; Wood Burning Stover;  and Portland Privateer. I learned, beside other things, why we have the shops that we do in Aldeburgh -Joules and Jack Wills ( I've not been in either)
I've also found that because we don't holiday abroad and I don't shop in Waitrose, we don't fit in to the Woodburner Stovers even though we have one. In fact we don't fit into any of Mr Wallops catagories at all. He briefly mentions " a small number of consumers who claim, with some legitamacy, to be entirely outside the consumer society - to never shop at a supermarket", but that's not us either.
Which means we are unique!


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