Tuesday, 10 September 2013

From summer to winter in 5 days

Thank you to Sft.,Sadie, Pam in Tydd, Karen, Attila and another Pam at Winkle Crazy Ideas for comments yesterday. I seem to be failing dismally on the replying front and have hardly left comments on anyone elses blog for days, time seems so short at the moment.
It seems everyone liked the chicken tea-pot cosy which was a present from our eldest several years ago and too nice to keep in a drawer.

  I've been saying all summer we are in the driest part of the country but today a bank of cloud has sat across East Anglia and we have had rain, although not as much as predicted. What we have had though is strong winds and a drop in temperature down to Blinkin' Cold! It is hard to believe that last Thursday we went and sat on the beach. Today its back into trousers and cardi.We lit the wood burner yesterday evening and will again tonight and the Rayburn was lit for hot water.

I've had a couple of  days of tidying, cleaning and odd jobs which has got lots of things sorted so tomorrow I'm going to have a go at Beetroot and Ginger chutney which was on someones blog a few weeks ago ( As usual I've forgotten who it was - hopeless- sorry!).
Apart from the cooking plum tree and the eating plum tree we also have a couple of old greengage trees in the hedge right up the top of the field. They only have a crop about every 4th year and this is one of those years so I'm planning to do greengage jam on Friday.

Not a lot of excitement here again today although I had to turn away a campervan who arrived without a booking because we already have our allocation of the 5 vans we are allowed. I think we have never before in 18 years had 5 vans on site on a mid week night in September.  Our income this year has certainly made up for last years wet weather disaster.

Now a special plea to Buttercup. Sorry I only found your reply re the Penny Pincher letter yesterday. We do our letters by post so you wouldn't need to be too computer literate. Some of us type and some of us write by hand. Now how do we get in touch?
Does anyone know Buttercup? Does anyone know how people contact each other not on public view? How do I find out if anyone has emailed me on my google mail- I can't seem to work it out? HELP!

New Tricks on soon, must do some reading first.
Back tomorrow


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