Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Another chilly day

Listening to Ken Bruce on Radio 2 this morning made me so glad that we have a wood burner and no central heating. People were contacting him about putting on or NOT putting on their central heating. He always says that he doesn't put the heating on until much later how ever cold it is. If we get cold it is very easy to just light a small fire. A bit of newspaper, a few of bits of kindling and a couple of bits of pallet plus a log will do to warm the room. Then the fire can be left to go out again. Easy Peasy. I HATE being cold, and yes I have got a cardi on as well.

Thanks to Morgan at Growing in the Fens for the Beetroot Chutney recipe. I made 9 jars this morning and it looks really good. I managed to do it without getting in too much of a mess- beetroot is mucky stuff! According to one of my preserve cookery books:- A Chutney is pulpy and a Relish is chunkier. So my recipe for Red Hot Relish last week should correctly be called Red Hot Chutney, but it doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
I had planned to do Greengage jam on Friday but not enough of the gages are ripe yet so that will have to wait a week.

Thanks to Buttercup I have now I have been side tracked into re-reading some of my old copies of The Penny Pincher Paper and I haven't looked at them for several years so that will be a happy evening

I was just walking back across the field from checking chicken water before dark when I had a thought
"Maybe Frugal living at our age is knowing that you could live on less than you do but not having to, because for many years you did live on less than everyone else did."


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