Thursday, 12 September 2013

Just fiddling about on Thursday

Today was one of those days when I seemed to be busy all day but have no idea what I've done.

There were less things to go out on the stall this morning, the cold weather over the last few days has slowed everything down and the tomatoes, cucumbers and runner beans are all coming to an end anyway. In a few weeks time we will have loads of cooking apples, butternut squash and pumpkins to go out but they are not quite ready yet.

I had a good tidy up in the freezer but still don't think there will be enough room for cooking apples but I can't really justify switching the other chest freezer on just for apples, there's a problem to think about over the next few weeks. I shall wrap lots of apples in newspaper and store them in a box in the shed but they will only keep until January or February, so need some in the freezer for to fill the fruit gap.

Yet another booking for the campsite so we now have our 5 van allocation right through until after the weekend. Then a couple already here and due to leave tomorrow asked if they could stay another couple of nights and I had to say sorry and then another phone call with someone wanting to book for the weekend. This campsite thing has gone crazy! All other years we've been empty through most of September.

Oh dear another day without taking any photos for the blog. Must try harder. 
No more exciting news from Suffolk
So back tomorrow

PS Thanks to everyone for comments yesterday and hello and welcome to new readers.


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