Monday, 9 September 2013

Life is too short to plait onions

Thank you from both of us for all the anniversary good wishes yesterday. We celebrated by going to a car boot sale , doing all the regular jobs and reading. Who needs cards and flowers?

I'm having to do this blog all over again as the first time I posted it it came out on top of the previous post - very odd.

Our onions have been out of the ground for a couple of weeks, laying on mesh shelves in the greenhouse with both doors open, to finish drying them off and today I started the job of sorting them out and taking off the dry skins.
In gardening books they often give instructions for plaiting the onions with a piece of string but we just put them in net bags and hang them from the shed roof. No faffing about here! I've often wondered if people are put off growing stuff because they think they have to do complicated things with them afterwards.

After the onions, I did a bit of Autumn cleaning. I don't do spring cleaning because I would rather be outside in springtime. I moved some things around on the worktops, cleaning as I went around, cleaned out a couple of cupboards, sorted out some dresser drawers to make more space, whipped around the house with the feather duster until the feathers started falling out  and then took all the things off the dresser to give them a wash. When they were all clean and shiny I thought I would take a picture of  all the eclectic mix of things I have collected over the years from car boot sales and charity shops.
The chicken tea cosy stands guard and along with the sheep jug on the top shelf are the only things that were bought new.

It was blinkin' cold here this morning and very chilly now, we shall be lighting the woodburner later I think. We've also got some rain at last, although it's been dry all day there have been black clouds all around. A motorhome arriving on the campsite had driven through heavy rain in Essex.

Him Outside has been rolling fields again today that makes a total of 27 hours, which will be a handy income when he gets paid.

My original post had a bit of a rant about a camper wanting me to tell off his 3 year old little poppet because she was noisy. I hate that " be quiet or the lady won't let us stay" NO, I didn't play along. I hope I never used that ploy with our lot. Perhaps they will tell me if I did!

Hope this posts in a new box and not half on top of yesterdays.
Back tomorrow.


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