Saturday, 28 September 2013

Buying and selling books on a sunny Saturday

We've had an in and out day today.

As you know I LOVE secondhand books and that was what today was all about.

 First we went cross country, through lovely Autumn sunshine and scenery to a small village in the wilds of high Suffolk. There are a whole group of villages collectively called "The Saints" and in St James they have an annual secondhand book sale in aid of the church. I don't know where they get all their books from but the village hall is always packed full of books and people.
I found a few but didn't spend a lot as they only charge 50p or £1.
 Many years ago when we had livestock on the holding I found I had collected 10 books on goat keeping. Now nobody needs that many goat books, so one year we booked a stand and took all our spare unwanted books to the Suffolk Smallholders Society annual show. This grew year by year so that we were spending lots of spare time hunting charity shops and sales for Countryside, Livestock and Smallholding books and taking them to several Country shows every year.
Once the SSS stopped having a show and books got harder to find we stopped buying and selling until all we have left were about 4 boxes of books which this year we took along to the SSS AGM to see if we could finally get rid of them all.
 We are honorary life members of the SSS as we were very involved with the Society in the early years so we try to go to the AGM when we can and there is free food- always a bonus!
We sold a few but came home with 4 boxes still full. I shall have to have sort out and pass them on to a charity shop or anyone I can think of who might like them because we really don't want to take them anywhere ever again.
After such a busy day which we have become un-used to recently, I think we need a rest.
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow  to tell you we've done nothing all day!


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