Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday sort out

First job this morning was to unpack the 4 boxes of books brought back from the AGM yesterday. I  made 4 heaps; charity shop, to keep, campsite library shelves, and car boot sale. The problem with the "to keep" pile was that I hadn't got room for them. So I had another sort out and moved some books out into the shelves in the front hall where I keep the campsite leaflets. The car boot ones have gone into boxes into the roof cupboard as we are not planning to do a sale for a couple of years. Charity shop ones are in the car ready for the next time we are in town and the ones for the campsite library will go out there next year. So THAT'S IT. No more selling books at shows and DEFINITELY no more buying books to sell.

Next to sort out was cooking apples, squash and pumpkins to put out for sale. We've already sold about 40 squash and there are around 100 still to sell. Our best ever year for squashes. Pumpkins are not so good, lots of little ones but not many Halloween pumpkins and the biggest are still very green.

Third on the sort out list was to work out what we are having for dinners next week and to decide which jobs will get done in what is actually a very busy week. ( Him Outside has 3 trips to hospital outpatients for a start).

After the only caravan on site left at lunchtime Him Outside sorted the campsite by cutting the grass and emptying the bins. We are now empty on the site until next weekend.

I spent a little while sorting out tomorrows blog - my review of the month for September. Doing tomorrows blog before today's is what you call getting ahead of yourself!

My final sort out job was to collect sort and box up the eggs. The 24 young hens who have now been here a month are starting to lay, with 11 little eggs today.

I'm pleased to report that I now have 70 followers over there on the right.( I don't count bloglovin followers as proper followers as I like to see the little pictures!)  Welcome and thank you for clicking.

Back tomorrow with that review of the month.


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