Tuesday, 1 December 2015

So November has gone, what's coming in December?

I like lists and at this time of year there are several lists on the go.

One of my lists was ideas for my December blog posts now I'm back to daily posting and it's going to be a Christmas photo every day for 24 days. For people who say "Bah Humbug to Christmas" ....... you'll just have to shut your eyes when you read my blog!!

Advent picture 1 is, appropriately, an advent calendar.

Our last Advent calendar was found in a charity shop a couple of years ago but the little doors won't stay shut any more so when I saw this  in a National Trust shop when we were away on holiday I splashed out. Behind each number is a picture showing Christmas decorations from  NT Houses all round the country. I'm looking forward to opening each window.
Picture one was stockings hanging over a fireplace from Ingham Mote in Kent

What's happening this month?
Well quite a lot actually but It's OK  ..............I have a list!

Main supermarket shop
A trip to Ipswich to get a voucher for a present and other shopping
Finish the rest of Christmas present shopping
Wrap presents
Finish writing cards and get them posted
Col's doctor and hospital appointments
Get the Christmas tree up ready for mid month family get together 
Go to the Hyundai garage in Ipswich to get a switch for the reversing lights on the car
Make bread each week
Make a double batch of tomato and herb rolls
Chop kindling each week
Cut wood each week
Try out the little veggie pies ready for Christmas day
Decide on 2 deserts for mid month family gathering
Make 2 deserts and put in the freezer
Make breadcrumbs for bread sauce
 Wrap presents 
Marzipan cakes
Ice cakes
Make breadcrumbs ready for bread sauce
Order a ham and a chicken from the butchers for Christmas day
Visit 2 places for photos for my advent blog posts
Organise a meet up with friends for present swap
Visit relatives to deliver presents

That should keep us busy all month!

Back Tomorrow
P.S. Thanks for comments about November spending on yesterdays post


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