Thursday, 3 December 2015

3rd photo for Advent and other stuff

Our first Christmas cards arrived in the post yesterday. One from Col's manager from County Council days and then one that's really unsolicited junk mail - from The Salvation Army. It says on the back of the Sallie Army one that it's painted by a lady of 94 who lives in a Salvation Army home in Southend. Clever lady as it's a lovely picture - my favourite Christmas cards are always snowy scenes.

So here is Advent photo 3 - The first two cards ( and the real advent calendar again)
We actually had some decent weather yesterday and a load of washing dried in just a couple of hours. Col took the tractor down to our farmer friends and brought our grass topper back. We've sold the topper and tractor to the people who are buying the house - handy- so it needs to be back here.
 I did my usual 3 loaves of bread, a bit more clearing of unwanted things into the charity shop bag and caught up on last weeks Ben Fogle - Living in the wilds UK. He was with Amanda Owen - The Dales Shepherdess and as I watched I thought "I'm sure I had her book from the library but I can't remember reading it". I looked on-line at my borrowers history and yes I did have it but it's not written down in my Book Of Books Read, so I think it was wanted by someone else and I returned it without finishing it. In the book she had 7 children, on TV she had 8!! ...................and 1000 sheep. She was out with her husband shearing sheep 5 weeks after having the baby - Fit Lady!

Thanks for encouraging comments about driving yesterday.

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