Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Advent 16 = Small presents already sent and messages to penfriends

Picture 16 of my advent photos for you is a pile of small presents.
 I've written before about my Penny Pincher Penfriends.  We all used to subscribe to The Penny Pincher Paper which was privately published monthly by John and Irma Mustoe in the 1990's. They appeared on TV in a series called Scrimpers presented by the actor Ray Brooks ( Not Superscrimpers which was more recent) which was on TV in the mid 1990s followed this with a Book and the monthly newsletter. I wrote for the paper for a couple of years ( no pay sadly!) and when they retired a few of us who had subscribed or written for it managed to keep in touch. We've been taking it in turns to write a letter for nearly 15 years now and we do little Christmas presents for everyone  They've probably all arrived by now I hope.

I'm feeling guilty because I've failed to send cards to D in Michigan and P in Canada - whoops. If you are reading.... HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you both and to your families! My other penfriend W lives on a windy Scottish Island and a present and long overdue letter was sent that way a few days back, I hope it gets there as their ferry and planes keep being cancelled due to the awful weather. I received a letter and gift from W    (Thank you W, had to smile at L having to eat bought marmalade because you sold all the homemade! )

Honestly, what a hopeless penfriend I am! Using the blog instead of writing. Tut Tut

Thank you once again for the good wishes in comments, very much appreciated.

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