Saturday, 19 December 2015

Advent 19 - A Hyacinth

This hyacinth in a pot was bought at a late Autumn sale at the Methodist chapel for 50p. I re-potted it and added some moss and it's been included in the box of gifts for Col's Dad.

Years ago I always bought some hyacinths and did the planting/wrapping/keeping in the dark thing before bringing them in for Christmas. Then one year they all got eaten by mice or something and I've not bothered since. It was only after I had biked home again after buying 1 hyacinth that I thought ......why on earth didn't I get one or two for us

We went to a funeral yesterday. Col's uncle, who was almost 80, had been ill for a while after a stroke and then the dreaded dementia crept in too. It was a sad time but at the same time a lovely funeral (if that doesn't sound too weird). Col's Aunt and Uncle had been baptised into the church family of Wetherden Baptist church in the mid 1990's and by a very strange co-incidence that isn't really a coincidence, Wetherden Baptist church is where I went to Sunday School and Youth groups ( F.O.Y. or Fellowship of Youth) all through the 1960's between the ages of 7 and 15. It was a proper funeral where the people who spoke really knew Col's Uncle, and the chapel was packed out with people who had known him at various times in his life. Unlike some funerals where there are hymns but no one is used to singing, yesterday there were so many chapel people there that the hymns sounded wonderful. Col caught up with his cousins who are all much younger than him and their families. I caught up with people who I knew from Chapel all those years ago and reminisced with the youth leader back then about the time we got stuck in the snow after going to a bible quiz at Hadleigh chapel.
 My Mum and Step-Dad are buried there too so I popped a tiny Christmas tree on Mum's grave while we were there. We saw other members of Col's family who we won't see until after Christmas so that was nice too. It was lovely to see they have a new young pastor, in his 30s with a young family, quite a rare thing.

I'm looking forward to the Strictly final tonight, but I've no idea who will win.

Many thanks for comments yesterday. I sometimes think I mustn't keep mentioning all Col's nasty health things, that wasn't what this blog was supposed to be about, but it's difficult not to when it seems to be taking up so much time. Someone said they liked my blog as it was like chatting over the garden fence which I liked the sound of so I'll just keep chatting about what's happening and apologise if it's a bit tedious.

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