Friday, 4 December 2015

Advent Photo Day 4 - Vegetable Christmas pie.

Our Daughter-in-law to be ( Dec 2016) is vegetarian so at Christmas I like to find something interesting for her while all around are tucking into a traditional meal. She's told me about some of the awful meals she's been offered on Christmas meals out, when for some reason restaurants think that just because a person is vegetarian they don't want the roast potatoes, parsnips and all the other tasty Christmas things, and dish up some weird pasta meal or worse, an omlette!

Last year I made individual veg and nut layered  roasts ( the recipe is on the separate page) this year mini pies using Puff pastry,squash,chard and Mascarpone cheese. The recipe is adapted from 2 I found online and really should be made in one of those 4-on-a-tray Yorkshire pudding tins, but I don't have one so did them in my deepest bun tray tin.

Christmas Veggie Pies

Half a pack of puff pastry ( when I buy these I always cut them in quarters before putting them in the freezer)
The narrow end of 1 small squash
Colander of chard (or equivalent bought spinach leaves), wilted, chopped and drained really well.
Half Tub of mascarpone cheese.
Ground black pepper
Squirts of tomato puree ( or mustard)

I rolled out the pastry as thin as possible and cut large circles,fitted them carefully into the bun tin and put a squirt of tomato puree in the bottom of each (one recipe said mustard ). Slicing the narrow end of the squash into very thin rounds - after peeling of course. I then layered squash slices, spinach and cheese finishing with squash-  ground pepper on each layer, brush the edges with water and cut circles to fit. Slide the tray into a big freezer bag and freeze. If only I had thought of it I could have cut some holly leaves from the pastry off cuts.

 I made these for the first time last week to check they were going to be OK. After taking out of the freezer I cut a couple of slits in the top of each pie and brushed with egg.
They were cooked on a medium oven temp for about 30mins I think ( I'm a bit vague about temps and times sorry.) Anyway we ate them with roast potatoes and parsnips and Brussels sprouts and they were very tasty. I've made them again today and added a few snips of dried tomato with the cheese.
When these are served on Christmas day, I'm going to warm some cranberry sauce to spoon over the top.

I'm always worried when I pass on home concocted recipes in case people try them and think they are awful because me and Col eat almost everything home made with great enjoyment! We had 1 and a half each and that was enough but reheated the other 3 in the microwave next day and they were good too. You could make half this amount, but it seemed silly to fiddle about for just 3 pies. I shall keep R company on Christmas day and join her with eating these and I expect some the other family members will want to try a bit too.

What else happened yesterday?
Ah yes, I spent nearly 2 hours searching for one of the sets of car keys, I'd locked the car up Wednesday  but where the heck had I put them. I went up and down the garden around all the sheds, in the freezer, amongst all the shoes and coats in the utility room, every drawer and cupboard in the kitchen, dirty laundry basket, in the garden shed, in the wood shed. All round the field ( even though I'd walked round the field in the morning and lost the keys in the afternoon!). Eventually after I'd been everywhere three times I found the peg bag hanging on the back of the utility room door! How? Then I remembered, on the way back from locking up the car I'd got the washing in, didn't have a pocket for the keys so laid them on top of the peg bag on top of the laundry.
Phew. Hate losing things.

I keep forgetting to say that the advent photos are linked to Julie's Scrapbook where you can find several other people's advent pictures or on Julies blog some wonderful old cartoons.

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  1. I do things like that with the peg bag as well, though usually with the garage key.

  2. Those pies sound great.
    Julie xxxxx

  3. The pies sound delicious, I'll have to give them a go :)

  4. Thanks for the veggie pie recipe. I shall give it a go next week and if I get it right shall then make some for the freezer for Christmas Day.

    Laughed about the keys - sounds just like the kind of thing I would do.

  5. ooh, that's my kind of pie. I'm not veggie, but I have several veggie days a week and this kind of thing is right up my street.

    I had a similar drama with a packet of after 8 mint sticks. I bought them on Tuesday, forgot about them, remembered today, turned the house upside down trying for find them, then found them 'hidden' in the bottom of a wardrobe. Not as serious as car keys, but so annoying!

    :O) x

  6. Your veggie pies sound delicious, my daughter is vegetarian and has also suffered with the pasta meals in restaurants!

  7. I'm 'veggie whimp' and my mom every year makes such a wonderful effort for me. The meaties often look upon my meal with interest and I find that my Husband always ends up with a pile of my dish on his plate too!

  8. I'm 'veggie whimp' and my mom every year makes such a wonderful effort for me. The meaties often look upon my meal with interest and I find that my Husband always ends up with a pile of my dish on his plate too!

  9. Thanks for telling us about your keys--it reminded me that our truck key is in my coat pocket, and NOT on the key ring where it belongs. I'm going to deal with that right now!

  10. The combination of mascarpone and leafy vegs is a godsend for those of us who need to make veggie alternatives. Delicious too.

  11. Before children we used to have my husband's family to stay at Christmas and I would always cook my veggie sister in law something separate- can't remember what I did for her now, it was so long ago- but the past couple of times I must admit to falling back on M&S!
    Lisa x

  12. I agree about the dubious veg*n option for festive meals, they are frequently rubbish, but I do admit getting better.

    Thanks for mentioning how you froze them, I had some veg freezing and your post reminded me to get if off the trays and bag it up.

  13. As a vegetarian, I wholly empathise with your daughter in law to be. It is a most dire time of year for us. I'm sure she will be thrilled you've made such lovely pies for her.

  14. Glad you found your keys! I think that your pies sound delicious!! Something you would want to eat because they are lovely to eat, not because they are vegetarian and that is all there is! I often eat veggie when we are out because I am not a meat person and some of the food is pretty dire, yours though sounds great! xx

  15. There's nothing worse than losing something. I'm the worlds worst for mislaying stuff. Pies sound delicious.

  16. Those pies sounds lovely, might have to pinch the recipe as our youngest has decided to go vegetarian and I struggle to know what to cook for her when she is home. :)

  17. The pies sound delicious. Sometimes I just keep quiet about being a veggie until the last moment and then ask for a plate of the vegetables for my meal.

    Why have I never thought of just cutting a pack of pastry into four before freezing it ... simple but brilliant, thanks.