Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Advent photo 9 = 5ps for meat + the 100th book read.

All year round every 5p that comes into the house has gone in this tin, a few 10ps went in too and it has now been tipped out and counted, bagged up and taken to the bank. A Grand total of   £17.70p  towards the Christmas meat. Also in the tin was a dime, a quarter dollar and ½ a French Franc! Harumph - that means we were cheated out of 20p by people paying for things from the gate sales. I've added these coins to a whole lot of odd foreign money that we've collected over the years despite the fact we've not stepped outside our country.

Have you caught the BBC's Christmas programme trailer? I guess The Radio Times for Christmas is out any day now. I'm looking forward to Sherlock set in the 1890's, The Christmas Call the Midwife and a series that starts on Boxing Day where 25 of Dickens's characters are mixed up together- sounds curious. Oh, and the Strictly Christmas special of course - by the way, how the heck did Helen and Aljaz get into the bottom two and then chucked out.......who on earth is voting for Anton and Katie? Talking TV, I'll not be watching The Worlds Most Expensive Christmas on Channel 4 next week but have enjoyed seeing the lovely Josh Groban singing twice on different programmes, his album Awake is one of my favourites.

Ta dah! Book number 100 has been added to my separate page. It was the 16th in the Hawkenlye series by Alys Clare. These are historical crime and mystery set around an abbey in Medieval Kent on the edge of The Great forest, where there are people who are still pagan and there is always a little bit of the weird thrown in. I love them. She has also written a series set in the fens in the 11th century.

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