Sunday, 6 December 2015

Advent 6 Christmas cards and a good book

Picture number 6 on Sue's specially for you Advent calendar, is the most boring of the whole 24!
Envelopes full of cards waiting to be sealed and sent. I left them un-sealed in case I could add our new address. But now I'll get them in the post and sent and drop the ones for relatives in the Ipswich area into one of the Scout Post boxes in town. Several of the Scout groups do this now covering quite a wide area, they charge 25p each, so less than half the Royal Mail.

Because the weather yesterday was so windy I stayed in and got a whole book read. It was this one and probably not a good one to read if you are trying decide where to move to, I felt even more unsettled than I was before!
I didn't know anything about Margaret Forster before reading this as I'd never read any of her other writing, I didn't even know her husband is Hunter Davies although I have read some of his books about walking and countryside. My Life In Houses is about all the homes she has lived in and how they affected her life.The ending is quite poignant as she has a cancer with no cure. A review of this book in The Guardian would have put me off, so it's a good thing I didn't see it before I read the book. They seem to say that as a person wealthy enough to own two houses and spending a year avoiding tax in Portugal she shouldn't have whinged about builders and sitting tenants - which she does, but I enjoyed a peep into a lifestyle so different to our own.

I added the last book I read ( before the one above)- a short Christmas Novella by Anne Perry - to my List of Books Read 2015 and counted up- 98 books read so far this year with 3 weeks left - Blimey! So with this one it's now 99. I'd never before  counted up how many books I read in a year and am astonished, imagine if I had bought everything I read, we'd be bankrupt!

I do feel for the people who have been flooded out of their homes in Cumbria etc. What a shock just 3 weeks before Christmas. The weather here has been windy but otherwise not too bad and my only inconvenience has been having to peg the washing on the line with extra pegs on everything.

Welcome to another new follower - number 329, another Sue. - "Hello - good name!" and thanks for comments yesterday. ( No I hadn't posted about Christmas Tree festival last year and thank you everyone who hopes we can sort the house thing soon, I hope so too)

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