Thursday, 17 December 2015

Advent 17 3D decoupage cards

The 17th picture in Advent
Some  3D decoupage Christmas cards.

 I made these for our children and partners. I would like to make all the Christmas cards I send but on the other hand I like to support a charity by buying charity cards from a charity shop in their January sales. I've got a draw full of Christmas bits and bobs for card making right ready for the time when I can't afford to buy ready made! Not sure if that makes me frugal or foolish? related to this.............
 A question I've been pondering for many years when queueing up for jumble sales. - Are the people who do NOT go to Jumble sales rich so they don't need to OR are they rich because they don't!

I'm not keen on this mild weather we are having, it doesn't seem at all right for December.  I biked down to Friston to post a card and came back sweltering as if it were June. The temperature on the thermometer on the outside of the kitchen window as we were doing the dishes yesterday lunchtime was 15.5C, more like May. I was listening to Radio 4 early yesterday morning and, because it was Jim Naughtie's last day on the Today programme they were speaking to someone living in the highest village in Scotland ( presumably Jim N has some connection with the place) anyway, it is  cut off by snow more often than anywhere else, but even though they had had snow already it had now gone and very mild with no chance of skiing - disappointing for the man who owns the ski centre there!

Welcome to Lisa, follower number 334. Hello hope you enjoy reading. Thank you for all the comments yesterday.

Just 7 pictures to go to finish my advent photos posts, which is a good thing as I'm running out of ideas.

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