Monday, 21 December 2015

Advent 21 -Greenery and candles

Today is St Thomas' Day and as the rhyme says
" St Thomas Grey, St Thomas Grey, longest night and shortest day"
so the winter solstice is here and this is my day to  bring in  some bits of green stuff from the garden and to start lighting a few candles each day. We have rosemary, bay and the relation of holly that doesn't have prickles, we have a variegated holly too but what few berries it had have long gone. Then there are some light green conifer bits for contrast. My flower arranging is the shove it in a jug method but it does cheer the house up a little.

 I forgot to mention the Strictly Come Dancing final. I was, as they say, " gobsmacked" when they announced the winner as I thought Kevin and Kellie were sure to win after their 2 perfect scores. I've been voting for Jay -so cute!-  all along ( it's free on line - I'm not daft enough to use my mobile!) so I was pleased that he had won. How will we survive without Strictly 'til next September ( joking folks) and we will have to go back to watching Look East at 6.30 as well.
We didn't bother with Sports Personality Of The Year. but wasn't surprised to hear that Andy Murray won it - such a shame that he talks all in one boring sounding tone when being interviewed, I bet he's not like that when talking to friends.

This morning I've been bread making as we were getting a bit low and also pulled the insides out of 2 pheasants that we were given yesterday. We'll have Mrs for dinner tonight and Mr who was a bit bigger will go in the freezer. Our local cock pheasant has so far avoided all 3 shoots they have had in the nearest woods, which is handy as he clears up all the seed that the great-tits chuck out of the seed feeder. I moaned at him this morning as he was outside shouting just as it got light.
It was a nice bright morning but the wind is getting up as I write and there is rain on the way, luckily  my washing went out at 8 and was dry by noon. Once again we have missed out on all the heavy rain in Wales and Cumbria and although it is a bit colder today still no where near the norm for December.

Col went for Drinks and Nibbles at the second home that had the HUGE food delivery, but he said there wasn't much sign of tons of food. All the people from all the second homes and big landowners from all around were there but as he got  a lift  with our elderly friend who had to get back to his wife, he had an excuse not to stay long. (She's the lady who was in Norwich hospital for months and Col drove our friend there a few times. She is home now but not really very well, they are managing without help despite him being over 80 and having to get her up ready to go to dialysis at 7am, 3 times a week).

Thanks for all the comments yesterday -  So it wasn't just my blog where the followers vanished - Phew. But having gone down there is a new follower so hello to Lin and welcome back to Deb- who also lost followers at the weekend.

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