Saturday, 26 December 2015

Santa came to Knodishall

We had a good Christmas Day, quiet, uneventful, plenty to eat, lots of chat about this and that, a game of His and Hers Logo, in which Rachel, Ally and I decided the girls questions were much much harder than the boys questions but thanks to Col, Brian and Martin getting muddled over the difference between a Cream Horn and a open Tart ( Ha Ha) us girls won by one question. Success!

We unwrapped pressies and various family  brought me a total of 26 - you read that right - 26 books from my wish list, with everybody wondering where on earth we will put them in our little bungalow and me assuring them that shelves full of books will make excellent insulation. Our eldest got Col a new phone which he will struggle with for days as it's touch screen and  his fingers are not very accurate. I had a new bigger A-Z book to copy my old Book of Books read 1971 -2015 into. As the old book contains several 1000 titles, it will take me a while to copy them all over - keep me busy for days - or weeks. Col had an Elvis CD - I shall leave the house when he plays that! From Penny Pincher penfriends came all sorts of gifts ranging from a scented sachet to some material for making a cushion. Thank you everyone.

My favourite thing about the days after a family Christmas is all the left-over food, which may sound odd but it means that for the next week I don't need to think about " what shall we have for dinner". After 36 years of marriage it's not the actual cooking dinner that I get fed up with but the thinking about what to cook.

Right, Col is watching a canal-boat DVD that I found for him and I shall go and put the kettle on and find the first of the leftovers for lunch  - a ham salad roll and some banoffee I think.

Thank you to everyone for all the good wishes for a Happy Christmas. I hope your day was as nice as ours.

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