Monday, 14 December 2015

Advent Photos 14 - Christmas family get together

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes yesterday. It is a shame our first grandchild will be all the way down in Surrey but without campsite and smallholding ties we will be able to go and stay close by in our caravan. Poor H and J have had a worrying two weeks as there could have been a problem with baby and lots of tests were done, we are hoping and praying that everything will be OK. Our eldest H is 35, already 10 years older than I was was when we had her ( I had all three by age 32) but I guess lots of couples have to wait so much longer to get themselves established with job and house before thinking about a family nowadays.

Apologies to Sandy ex-pat who asked for photos of our meal, we completely forgot but here are a few from later when we had collapsed in front of the TV. Sorry about the quality, every photo editing site I've tried uses Adobe Flash player and what ever I do Adobe Flash Player just will not stay connected on my computer and crashes. It's so annoying.
Our son in law dad to be and our eldest the mum to be ( chopped off Daughter in law to be)
A thorn between 2 roses - Col between our girls, H had already slipped into PJs due to the bump!

Our 6 foot something archaeologist son, who was experimenting with something our youngest ( who works at the opticians) was saying about eyesight being better when viewed through a tiny pinhole. Our youngest has the worst eyesight of all of us so it's a jolly good job she does work at the opticians and gets almost all her glasses for free!

Daughter in law to be avoiding looking at camera!

Our youngest daughters partner - future son in law also trying to avoid the camera

Thank you again for all the congrats yesterday, just need to find out what Col's health problem is now. 2 more hospital visits this week. We know the way there blindfolded!

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