Saturday, 5 December 2015

Advent 5 and A Day Out.........

..........House Hunting.

 As you know, we are selling the smallholding and campsite because of Col's health problems, we've been here 23 years, we want less responsibility and a chance to visit some places in the UK we've not been to before........... and we had a plan............
 Plan A was to buy something cheap in our old home town of Stowmarket in Mid Suffolk, prepare it for renting out while living in it and having a year doing some travelling with the caravan and then decide where to live after that.
Plan B - after Cols newest health problems and the horrible journey into Ipswich was to buy something closer to Ipswich hospital even though it would cost a bit more more. The problem with this plan is the only thing available at the moment at the right price was a small semi-detached bungalow needing a lot of work and would Col be fit enough to do it?
Plan C was to go and have a look at a couple of places In Stowmarket - in other words going back to plan A! The problem with plan C/A is that there isn't much for sale in Stowmarket either. We looked at a two bedroom detached bungalow in a quiet area, but with no garden, that needs some work and a semi-detached 3 bed house on a newer estate that was actually smaller than the 2 bed bungalow.
Plan D - heavens knows!

Anyway while we were in Stowmarket  I wanted to go and look at the Christmas tree festival in the church.
There were over a hundred trees all decorated in different ways by groups,organisations and individuals and it was brilliant. I hadn't got my big camera with me so just a couple of photos that aren't very good, but you can get a glimpse of what we saw

On the end of each pew was a Christmas tree decoration and the church were selling kits to make these but they were £10 each. So when I came home I googled"Christmas Tree decoration from milk bottle top"s and found with THIS 
plus loads of photos like this one below, they looked very good on the church pews

The strangest thing about being back in Stow - 44 years after I was at school there - was that we were shown round one of the houses by a man who turned out to be the nephew of someone who was in the same class as me all through Grammar school.
Apart from making me feel incredibly ancient it was a very odd coincidence.

It seems we are in for a stormy weekend, the sky here this morning was pink/red so shepherds take warning! and it's already very windy. I thought about biking to Leiston for a Christmas fair but don't fancy the up-hill head wind journey home again.

Thanks for comments yesterday, I hope if you try the veg pie you think it's OK.

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