Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Advent 8

 We don't bother with many Christmas decorations anymore, mainly because when the house was extended and altered, quite a lot was re-plastered and I didn't want drawing pins stuck in everywhere, also a lot of our decorations were 30 years old, extremely tatty and only suitable for the dustbin.
We still have a tree, it used to be  a real one until all the ones we had got eaten by deer or grew too big, now a cheap thing from B&Q. Normally this goes up on the weekend before Christmas and comes down well  before Jan1st.(Bah Humbug!).
  This year our family are here mid month so we've put the tree up already.I've gone silver and red for 2015 because I felt sorry for the silver bits that hadn't been out of the box for years!

And - gasps in astonishment - I bought a new star for the top for £1.50! (The old one was a willow thing free from a Christmas magazine about 15 years ago and bits had snapped and unraveled). Everything else on the tree is several years old and quite a few secondhand - I've not contributed much to the Chinese economy this year!

Son and future daughter in law are really into Christmas decorations so will think this is a really poor show!

Here's another link back to an old post written in January when I made a list of things to remember for this years festivities. I said I would be looking for another dessert recipe - something that could be made and frozen well in advance - well, that never happened so today I'll be making the Chocolate Meringue Gateau again. As it's deliciously wicked I don't think it matters.

Thanks for comments yesterday and also welcome to Barbara, a new follower from Dorset I think.

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