Friday, 11 December 2015

Advent 11 Christmas Dresser + house news

All the things that are normally on my kitchen "dresser" ( it's really just shelves on a chest of drawers) have come off, been wrapped in newspaper and stored in a box or put in the kitchen cupboard.
The dresser has been decked, but looks a bit sparse in places, maybe I'll fish some tinsel out of the decorations box. I could add some greenery but it would all die before Christmas. Anyone remember two years ago when I took a picture of the dresser and had put the blocks as MERRY CHRITSMAS and even after Cro asked if I'd been on the cooking sherry, it still took me several minutes looking to see what was wrong- it was so funny- (I'm easily amused!) I left the blocks wrong all through Christmas just to see if any visitors noticed.

When the Christmas things are put away I won't bother to put the other stuff back, we'll lift the shelves off the chest of drawers and put them out of the way until we move.

I had an exciting time yesterday - easily excited too! because I went shopping in Ipswich, hadn't been to the town centre for ages.Col had yet another hospital appointment (and this is the man who'd never been in hospital until he was 56) - this time a follow up echo-cardigraph after the 'hardly a heart attack'  in October '14. No restrictions on him driving so he was able to drop me off in town for a couple of hours and pick me up afterwards. I didn't have time to go far round the town but it's always interesting to see which shops have gone and what's arrived. I did more Christmas shopping and  found all sorts of things for around a £1 so we can have a lucky dip pressie thing when all 3 children and partners are here on Saturday for our get together. Poundland had some decent Christmas Crackers for £4. I usually make some but, thinking we might have moved before Christmas decided not to bother. Then I thought we can't have a family Christmas meal together without crackers and paper hats.
Best of all, in the second charity shop I went into I found a 'new' coat for £7. I had 2 coats both miles too big that went to car-boot sales in the summer, which left me with just a short thin old lady's fleece jacket and a couple of old fleeces that I wear round here. This new one is also just a fleece but it's a bit longer, with black and white checks, belt and a hoodie not so old lady-ish I think.

It's going to be much easier for me to find bargains in town next year because after all the indecision, looking round, changing plans and faffing about we have found a 2 bed detached bungalow in Ipswich. It's on an estate in one of the older parts of town so not so squashed  in as some of the newer estates. It's just got a small garden which if we later let the bungalow will be OK. With a garage for Col's workshop, a shed to store stuff, no work needed (hopefully) except updating carpets and paintwork sometime and plenty of room for the caravan and car AND  less than half the price of what we are selling this place for. Best thing is it's within quarter  of a mile from an Aldi and a few  other shops including 2 charity shops, the doctors is even nearer and half a mile to the library. Just 3 miles round the ring road to the hospital and frequent buses into the town centre. It will be so different to the last 23 years here but perhaps that's a good thing. A complete change. If after a year, when we've done a bit of caravan touring, we find we don't like being in town we'll let it out and find somewhere else. I was counting up where I've lived for my 60 years. I've spent 43 years in small hamlets, 5 years in a small town and 12 years in villages, time for big(ish) town life!

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