Thursday, 10 December 2015

Advent 10 The once a year purchase

  This is our once a year purchase and it was £4 this year - Good Grief

Yesterday Col was at hospital for another part of the camera thing that he couldn't have done before. They found nothing, so more tests will need doing to find out why he is aneamic and therefore lacking in energy - more waiting. We seem to have got used to waiting over the last couple of months, with life just ticking along gently. Yesterday my waiting a couple of hours to drive him home was OK because I found  the Christmas Radio Times in  Smiths  to look at. I spotted a few special editions of regular quiz programmes which will be entertaining and the things I mentioned in yesterdays post, I'll be getting out the highlighter pen soon. After describing the Dickensian series to Col  we saw a trailer for it and he said it looks like a Victorian Soap and as it's written by one of the Eastenders writers he may well be right - maybe we won't be watching that after all.

Also yesterday I wrote about the 100th book I've read this year and some people have ordered it - Oh dear what a responsibility, what if they've bought it and then hate it, I shall be worrying for ages!

Welcome to new follower Sarah AKA Fishcake Random at The Frugal Handmade Home, have a look at her blog to see what the elves get up to every night!

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